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Hush by Carey Baldwin
Hush: A Tangleheart Romantic Suspense Novella

Secrets never die...even when they're six feet under.

Charlie Drexler has come home determined to make amends to those he's wronged and unearth the truth about what happened one terrible, rainy night in the woods outside of Tangleheart, Texas. He's also looking to reconnect with the girl he left behind. 

But Anna Kincaid is more than just a turned-down page corner in the book of Charlie's life. While he was away fighting his battles, she stayed behind to deal with the wreckage--and she's built a life of her own. Now Charlie wants a second chance, and his timing couldn't be better...or worse. When Anna's big sister and her baby disappear, Charlie offers to help. Soon they're dodging bullets and racing against the clock to bring mother and child home safely. But can Anna trust the man who turned his back on her before?

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