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First Do No Evil by Carey Baldwin
First Do No Evil: Blood Secrets #1


Scintillating suspense! ~Cindy Gerard, New York Times Bestselling Author

What if the person you trust the most is the only one you can't?

There's a killer lurking in Dr. Skylar Novak's family tree--the gene for breast cancer. That's why her brilliant brother invented the Bella vaccine. But even if the miracle drug protects her from the cancer that took her mother's life, it can't save Sky from the flesh and bone evil stalking her in secret.

When the killer strikes, detective Daniel Benson finds himself in the wrong place at the right time. The bold detective manages to save Sky's life--just in time for her to return the favor. While Sky struggles to unearth the buried secrets of her tragic past, Danny risks everything--his career, even his life, to keep her safe. But will it be in time to stop the evil that's coming next?

What readers like you say about FIRST DO NO EVIL: 

"One of the best books you will have the pleasure of reading. First Do No Evil deeply resonated in my soul...I am shouting my praises for this novel from the rooftops...waiting impatiently for my friends to read it so we can sit on the patio discussing it over chilled wine and drinks." -Maxie, GoodReads reviewer

"At times I am so deep into the story I have to remind myself to breathe!!!" Danielle Duran

"This book made me gasp in horror, bite my nails in suspense, cry with its emotional intensity and sigh with its romance. I was just blown away." - MaggieReadsRomance


"So beautifully well written with believable plot! I would say it was absolute genius!" - Wendy Oblouk


"So riveting it takes your breath away...What makes this book such an incredible reading the unique voice of the author and characters that stick with you long after you finish the story." - Amazon reviewer

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